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Courteous and efficient. Easy to Schedule.


Very friendly and on time office. Would recommend.


I was so anxious and fearful due to a horrible experience at another dental practice I had waited over 7 years to take care of my teeth situation. Dr. Martone helped calm my fears - He was extremely polite, pleasant, and put me at ease. He made sure I was completely numb and I felt nothing while I had 3 teeth removed. I was worried he wouldn’t be able to help me because there wasn’t much left to the teeth but he was a miracle worker. I highly recommend him.


I am 100% convinced that Dr. Christopher Martone is the most gentle and professional dentist I have ever encountered. I had two abscessed teeth extracted on opposite sides of my mouth on the same day. I was terrified to of this procedure and procrastinated as long as i possibly could, however, Dr. Martone was gentle, professional, and most importantly, fully explained every move he made. I was given a prescription for pain medication and much to my surprise, I had no pain. That's right, absolutely no pain, not even in the site where he injected the Novocaine. I highly recommend Dr. Martone for all your dental needs. He is one of the best in the business!!!!!

Mary Jane

Dr. Martone and his staff are total professionals! In December I had to have my remaining 9 upper teeth extracted and dentures. The procedure went extremely smooth. I had oral sedation only and have no memory or the surgery. A personal phone call from Dr. Martone to check on me we a surprise and appreciated. I highly recommend Dr. Martone.


This is my 3rd visit to Dr. Martone and every time it has been a great experience. I love the relaxed atmosphere which helps take the edge off of the procedure. I will never go anywhere else


He explains what he does & he gets straight to the point. He and His staff are well mannered as well.


I will not go to another dentist to get a tooth puled Christopher is the best


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